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November 20, 2017

Triple M Housing Joins Metric Modular (Formerly Britco Construction) in BC

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Lethbridge-based company, Triple M Housing announced today that they are expanding their business to BC.

“We’ve been building modular homes East of the Rocky Mountains for over 35 years and we’re thrilled to now bring our homes to the rest of BC,” said Triple M Housing President, Rick Weste. “We pride ourselves on being an industry leader and moving our market in a new direction through innovation and creativity.”

Triple M Housing’s BC homes will be built in Metric Modular’s (formerly Britco Construction) Penticton modular construction facility on Government Street. Customers will be able to purchase their homes at several retail locations across BC.

Last week, Britco Construction went through a rebrand and changed their name to Metric Modular.

“We’re very excited about our new name. We’ve been through a lot of changes this past year and our new name is a fresh start that we can all rally behind,” said Metric Modular’s President, Stephen Branch.

The focus at the Penticton facility will be building homes for Triple M Housing, while Metric Modular’s focus at their Agassiz facility will remain building permanent modular construction projects for Metric Modular including hotels, apartment buildings, townhomes, offices, classrooms and workforce accommodations.

“With work from both Triple M Housing and Metric Modular in our Penticton facility, we foresee a very steady backlog of work,” Branch said. “We’re continuing to hire more production staff to keep up with the demand.”

Earlier in 2017, the permanent modular construction division of Britco became part of the Triple M Group of Companies under the name Britco Construction before changing their name to Metric Modular. Meanwhile, the rentals division was purchased by the Black Diamond Group and continues to do business as Britco.



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About Triple M Housing

Based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Triple M Housing is a privately-owned, independent company providing fully integrated housing for individuals and companies. Since opening their doors in 1981, Triple M Housing has built nearly 24,000 homes and has nearly 350 employees.

About Metric Modular

Formerly known as Britco Construction and based in Langley, BC, Metric Modular builds commercial permanent modular construction projects in their modular construction facilities in Agassiz and Penticton, BC.

Metric Modular focuses on finding innovative solutions to complex construction challenges by leveraging the advantages of modular building technology, resulting in shortened project timelines, increased quality control and an increased return on investment for customers.


Metric Modular became part of the Triple M Group of Companies in 2017.


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