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The speed and efficiency of building in a controlled area and assembling on-site makes sense. Especially when it comes to cost, scheduling and the environment.

New Construction


Every construction project faces challenges – from material shortages to weather delays on-site. The controlled environment of modular construction helps eliminate those factors.

Building up to 90% of the project inside our state-of-the-art off-site construction facilities allows for tightly controlled quality, scheduling and materials.

As one of North America’s leading commercial modular construction companies, we can build pretty much anything. Which is good news if you’re facing logistical, environmental or financial restraints. Working with our team at the outset ensures all scheduling and cost considerations can be ironed out well in advance to meet your deadlines and budget.


Tightly pre-planning and controlling the construction process equates to a smoother project from start to finish. And no surprises.

Exceptionally Adaptable

Almost anything can be built using modular techniques – townhouses, apartment buildings, office complexes, hotels, seniors housing, daycare facilities, schools, restaurants, libraries and more.

Early Collaboration

The key to a successful project is early communication. It’s more challenging to make something modular after it has been designed as a non-modular project.

Methodical Build

Our dry, controlled construction facility reduces delays due to weather, as well as efficiently systemizing the build, reducing issues with sub-trades and crew scheduling.

Greater Quality

Increased efficiency allows more attention be paid to safety and quality control. In addition, modular buildings are built to be seismically stronger than conventional builds.

Greener Results

Removing up to 80% of on-site activity means less deliveries, storage and material waste, reduced air and water pollution, less dust and noise and overall environmental impact.

Faster Process

Building at the same time as site preparation can reduce your overall project timeline by 30 to 50%. Which means the building can be open occupied sooner.

Building Innovation

Take a look at some of our most innovative modular building projects.

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