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The speed and efficiency of building in a controlled environment and assembling on-site makes sense. Especially when it comes to cost, scheduling and the environment.

90% PRE-built OFF-SITE

Carefully pre-planning and building in our off-site construction facility maximizes quality, efficiency and speed. It also eliminates cost overruns and is a more environmentally friendly building method.

We fabricate modular buildings inside two state-of-the-art off-site construction facilities in BC.

As one of North America’s largest commercial modular construction companies, we’re leading the way with a wide variety of high quality sustainable and cost-effective building solutions. Temporary or permanent – everything from workforce accommodations, lodges, and hotels to office complexes, schools, seniors housing and sales centres, we deliver the perfect solution. Anywhere. On time.

Timelines reduced by up to 50% compared to on-site construction.

While your buildings are being assembled in our off-site facility, preparation and foundation work on your site is taking place at the same time. So when your buildings are ready, your site is, too. See how this compares to the traditional construction process:

Certified for quality and safety.

COR Certified for safety

We’ve been recognized by the BC Construction Safety Alliance and the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba for our occupational health and safety management.

Reduced impact on-site

Fewer material deliveries, less material waste, reduced dust, noise, air and water pollution, as well as less need for on-site storage.

Less material waste

Off-site building allows for less waste, greater recycling and less site disturbance. Choosing LEED and Passive technologies increases energy-efficiency.

ISO: 9001 equivalent

We’re certified to CSA A277 – prefabricated buildings, modules, and panels which meets the requirements for ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

Want to See This Process Step by Step?

During our project with Trinity Western University, we documented each phase to be able to showcase how a modular project works from start to finish.

Canada's Tallest Wood-Frame Modular Housing Complex

Trinity Western University needed to expand student housing, but timing was tight. With just 9 months from contract signing to students moving in, Trinity turned to Metric Modular to ensure the timeline would be met.

Read The Full Case Study

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