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November 15, 2017

Britco Construction Changes Name to Metric Modular

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Britco Construction announced today that, after 40 years in the modular construction industry, they have changed their name to Metric Modular.
“We’re very excited about our new name. We’ve been through a lot of changes this past year and our new name is a fresh start that we can all rally behind,” said Metric Modular’s President, Stephen Branch.

Earlier in 2017, the permanent modular construction division of Britco became part of the Triple M Group of Companies under the name Britco Construction. Meanwhile, the rentals division was purchased by the Black Diamond Group and continues to do business as Britco.

Although they have a new name, the team at Metric Modular will continue to lean on their 40 years of experience to build hotels, townhouses, apartment buildings, permanent offices, classrooms and workforce accommodations with the same team of experts.

“We chose the name Metric Modular because the word metric is synonymous with a system of precision and a focus on attention to detail, which aligns perfectly with our measured approach to modular construction,” Branch says. “This meticulous methodology allows us to de-risk projects, carefully control project timelines and enables our customers to see a faster ROI on their building investment.”

With modular construction facilities in Agassiz and Penticton, Metric Modular is an innovative, award-winning company and is currently looking to hire additional production employees at both locations.

Juliana Velez

About Metric Modular
Formerly known as Britco Construction and based in Langley, BC, Metric Modular builds commercial permanent modular construction projects in their modular construction facilities in Agassiz and Penticton, BC.
Metric Modular focuses on finding innovative solutions to complex construction challenges by leveraging the advantages of modular building technology, resulting in shortened project timelines, increased quality control and an increased return on investment for customers.
Metric Modular became part of the Triple M Group of Companies in 2017.

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